CSW Coach Development Program

CSW Coach Development Camp

Creating a solid foundation.

I have spent the last few days at the First Annual CSW / STX Coach Development Camp at the World Headquarters in Fullerton, CA.

The event included attendees from all over the world. The camp is specifically geared toward providing details and subject matter not usually shared during a regular seminar. Sensei Paulson provided insight and details on curriculum, class structure and techniques. The amount of details shared was really impressive proving once again why Sensei Paulson is one of the best MMA and Martial Arts Instructors in the world.

Several times during the camp Sensei Paulson emphasized the importance of the basics. I must admit, it felt good to hear him speak on a subject matter I emphasize regularly in class.

Studying martial arts is so different than in years past. Today students can instantly access instruction online and learn”cool” moves and techniques. During the camp Sensei Paulson shared with us how critical it is, especially during the early stages, to do your best to concentrate on the basics. Several of his students consistently compete and achieve at a very high level while using the basic Level 1-5 CSW curriculum.

These techniques were specifically chosen by Sensei Paulson in order to create a solid foundation to build upon. When “cool” techniques come before the basics it is a guarantee that long term success is not in your future.

Take the time and “drill” the basic curriculum until it becomes second nature. Then start incorporating the techniques into your live rolling sessions by continuing putting yourself in those situations so you can practice them. Remember “rolling during class” is NOT a competition it is a vital method to hone your skills and timing.

See you on the mat!

Coach Ted