June Jiu Jitsu Workshop

JULY 1, 2013


Had a great weekend with Alan Baker of Atlanta Martial arts center and Kev Kev Lee from Francis Fong Martial Arts academy a couple weekends ago. We had a business session sharing and discussing how we can make our schools better. It’s a constant process as it is with any business. Martial arts, whether you like Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai Thai Boxing, Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do/ JKD, Wing Chun or Gracie Jiu Jitsu,  is something that will improve you as a person in many different ways. It’s the journey not the end result because if you are on a path for self improvement it is a never ending process, well, I guess there is an ending when they close the coffin……….

Our instructor,Ted Georgas,  for the Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a very technical instructor. This is what Professor Pedro Sauer complimented him on at his last test in front of him.  Many times schools get so caught up in going hard because that’s the thought process or they’ve only attended schools that started students out that way. Those students and instructors soon are unable to train because of injuries. Students want to train for many reason but some of the benefits are: to improve skill level, improve themselves, relieve stress, learn something while relieveing stress and remain as injury free as posssible. At Martin Academy of Martial Arts our goal is to give you top of the line education in various types of Martial arts and help you improve yourself in as many ways as possible. And stay injury free.  The workshop on Saturday was filled with working on curriculum as well as discussion on problem areas students were having in their rolling.  Ted, Alan and Professor Sauer are great at that

We allowed two children to take the Alan Baker workshop and I am so proud of the way they behaved during the seminar. Both worked hard, are like sponges for absorbing knowledge, and just kept going. While most kids have the energy to keep going their focus and attention span doesn’t last. These two  kids attend  our Little Leaders or Junior Leaders Jeet Kune Do program which focuses on a mulititide of areas for the kids. From street oriented skill for safety to, character development, behavior in and out of the academy as well as Leadership skills.

Many students come in with only boxing experience and feel the need to add to their repetrioire.  Boxing is great and many use it for fitness aspect or as a sport but it is my belief that if one is going to use the martial arts as a personal safety tool there is a need for more than boxing. In the Filipino Martial Arts there is one area called Panatukan which is the boxing area. While they have kicks as well the Panatukan is also called Dirty Boxing because they use the tools and do things that aren’t allowed in a boxing match. More on that later.


Hope everyone has a great 4th of July. The academy will be closed so that the instructors as well may enjoy the holiday in the water.

Erik Paulson will be coming to Martin Academy on August 17,13  for a one day seminar. Don’t miss it. We will have a short promo video soon.

June Jiu Jitsu workshop

June Jiu Jitsu workshop

The Children are playing.