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Kru Ted and myself just returned from Los Angeles where we attended the Inosanto Instructor Conference. Spending time with old friends, associates, making new friends and getting our training hours in with Sifu Inosanto makes for good training. Of course I came back with a cold so I’m trying to rest my body and let it heal. I want to thank Simo Paula, Guro Inosanto, Cookie and Dori for all their help, support and friendship. I feel very blessed to be a part of one of the top martial arts organizations. Speaking of one of the top. Guro Inosanto was talking about Bruce Lee when he was teaching the Jun Fan / JKD session and mentioned that he felt that Sifu Francis Fong was the most progressive and technical in the Wing Chun, that his trapping is superb and is the closest to Bruce Lee he’s seen. Now that’s quite a compliment.

We are only a week away from having Sifu Francis Fong here for the Wing Chun seminar. November 2nd is close approaching. If you’re interested in Wing Chun, sensitivity drills or how this can be applied to punching skills then don’t miss this seminar. You can’t learn to defend yourself from something unless you understand how it works.

As Guro / Sifu Inosanto says – “the more material you have the more you figure out what works for different individuals.” Call the Academy now to reserve your spot for the following weekend, November 2nd, seminar. Whether your art is Thai Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kali / Silat, Karate, Boxing or you’re just interested in self defense you can get something out of this seminar for yourself. Check out the short video of Sifu Fong on our Martin Academy home page. Hope to see you there!

Sifu Fong