Martin Academy of Martial Arts Mission Statement

Our Mission or Main Goal is to help you improve yourself using the martial arts as the vehicle for personal growth and development.

We want to provide our students with several options of martial arts training that fit their personalities and goals. Students are taught to understand how to handle and identify confrontation and learn methods in defending themselves and their loved ones in all forms of combat resolution regardless if verbal, weapon based, stand-up or ground confrontations.

To provide you with the top quality self defense methods and increase your level of confidence as well as raise your level of fitness, physically and mentally.

To help you lay the foundation in taking charge of and being responsible for your own personal safety, health and to consistently seek higher standards not only in your marital arts training but ultimately within yourself.

Our Vision is to provide Sarasota and the surrounding area with top of the line martial arts training with great service, from top organizations with instructors who are constantly working on being better martial artists and instructors. It is our belief that people want a safe place to train and experiment in training to find out what will work for them. This is the laboratory to find out what could possible work for you in the street. We are all different in our capabilities, with our bodies, and emotionally but still need to feel comfortable in discovering and filling our needs for safety.

Our beliefs are that while advancement in rank is important to us, we are more concerned with a students actual progress and knowledge than how many belt tests they’ve taken. To us it’s not about the color of your belt but what you actually know, perform and your character. You may have the hours and skill level, but if you lack good character, advancement won’t find you.

We believe that if you train for street you will be able to compete, but if you train for competition your survival in the street has a lower percentage of survival as compared to someone who trains for street, unless you are at a extremely high level.

Our biggest mission is to help you be safe, be strong, and know that you can survive an ugly situation.