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The arts at Martin Academy of Martial Arts are some of the most effective martial arts styles for street and self-defense. MAMA addresses all areas of a real situation, from striking, kicking, weapons and groundwork. The Core Package is the foundation of our program and starts the students out learning boxing and kicking skills.From there the student can expand into other areas of training for their desire, skill level and individual situation.

Because we have had a number of calls for a straight program of street scenarios, education and total self defense  we will be starting a regular class 2 times a week in 2018. This is for those students who realize the world has changed and they need to be prepared. The basic street foundation  TOTAL SELF DEFENSE Program will educate the student in various areas of personal safety.

The MAMA goal is to try to build a well-rounded martial artist by giving them access to arts that may specialize in different areas. If I have a problem with my foot I don’t go to an eye doctor. If I want to learn about street weapons I go to the Filipino Arts, if I feel that I’m lacking in the stand-up then I do Thai Boxing or JKD. Wing Chun teaches sensitivity, close quarter punching and kicking. I believe it is also important for the students to learn and give credit to the arts that give them a particular skill. I had one person try to discourage the study of other arts, because he didn’t do it, by saying “Don’t you get confused?” That’s like saying, “Don’t learn any more words or you’ll get confused” or “Don’t learn another language or you’ll get confused.” It’s been a few years since I was in school, but I do believe I recall having more than one subject to study. Now it’s just called “cross training.” Each of the systems taught here will have different types of attributes that will add to that well-rounded process.

2600 Sq Ft
One Large Training Area
Small Training Area Upstairs
Matted Area
39 inch TV
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