Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is a Chinese system of Kung Fu that specializes in developing dynamic, explosive and street-oriented practical self-defense. Originally developed by a woman, it relies on developing leverage and sensitivity rather than muscular strength to overcome an opponent. Training develops reflex speed, coordination and power to enable someone to quickly and effortlessly dispatch a larger and stronger attacker without relying on size or strength.

Through the use of solo forms, training equipment such as the wooden dummy and focus mitts, and two man drills, students develop the attributes of body coordination, sensitivity and leverage learning to apply the principles of Wing Chun in all situations including trapping, grappling and punching/kicking.

Sifu Martin’s instructor, Francis Fong is recognized as one of the top Wing Chun instructors in the world. Like Bruce Lee, he is one of the few Wing Chun instructors able to integrate and flow Wing Chun into other arts.

Sifu Fong and LaVonne

Bruce at Wing Chun Camp

Bruce starting the path toward instructor. At Wing Chun Instructor Camp in Atlanta

Pictures from  2014 Wing Chun Seminar with Sifu Fong.