Women’s Self Defense

Last  SELF DEFENSE COURSE Was February 22,2020

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 College Girls Personal Safety Workshop

Starting out on your own, going to college, making new friends, having new experiences are all very exciting times for young girls. It can also be a scary, unsafe environment for those who are unaware of the pitfalls that can lead to a devastating experience.

It’s part of our job as parents to help our children live and make decisions without us. We can’t be there every moment of the day to guide them or keep them from predators or experiences that will change their life forever.

At Martin Academy we help parents give their teenage daughters the guidance and knowledge that will keep them safe. We focus on several areas to help teach them on how to take responsibility for their own safety.

Areas we focused on:

  • Knowing what to look for in their dorm, apartment or living arrangements.
  • Personal Safety / Self Defense in the street
  • Car Jackings and what to look for
  • Situational Awareness
  • Dating self defense / Awareness
  • Equalizers that you can use in your environment should you need too
  • Mental Attitude for personal safety

Women’s Self Defense Course

The objective of the Women’s Self-Defense program is to familiarize the student with the basic principles of self-defense while promoting physical fitness and physical conditioning. Head Instructor LaVonne Martin, teaches this program, which helps the student obtain the female perspective with respect to training and self-preservation.

While it is important to gain this insight, male instructors will be introduced into the class to provide real life experience and help illustrate the dynamics of an encounter with an opponent of greater strength. The course will provide physical self-defense training as well as mental training.

This course is designed to be ongoing but most women do not have the desire to go beyond a course designed for more than a few weeks or day course. Not everyone will attend for the same reason. Some may attend to get in shape or because they are concerned about safety. This program provides basic information and elevates the student’s overall level of awareness and self-confidence. The  demand will dictate whether the upcoming course will be a day, weekend or course over several weeks. If you are interested, get us your information so that we might send you information on the next upcoming Self Defense Short Course.


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