Prof Pedro Sauer In Florida


10.18.14 Prof Sauer Seminar

Part of Martin Academy Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu Program at Davie, Fl seminar.


Saturday, October 18,2014, the MAMA GJJ Team went on a road trip to Davie, FL to train with Master “The Professor” Pedro Sauer.  Mike, Jason, Randy, Jessica and Hannah made the trip and each got their first training session with Master Sauer.

I love introducing “newbees” to Master Sauer and this trip was no different.  The team represented Martin Academy well, we are very proud of them.

Master Sauer was one of the pioneers of Gracie JiuJitsu in the United States and the first person to have a Gracie Affiliate Academy in the States.  In those early years it was common place for people to show up at his academy unannounced and challenge Master Sauer.  If money was on the line the match was “Vale Tudo” style, no gloves, no rules.  If no money then gloves were used.  Master Sauer discussed some of the matches and the injuries his body incurred but even to his amazement at the time, how effective Gracie JiuJitsu was regardless of the size or strength of the challenger.  This lead to a discussion of the state of Gracie JiuJitsu today and specifically the importance of training for self defense.  Unfortunately Master Sauer explained it is not uncommon during his travels to witness high level Brown and Black Belts with years of experience on the mat, some teaching, that are not skilled when street scenarios are brought into play.  Due to this lack of emphasis he feels Gracie JiuJitsu is not viewed as effective in today’s MMA scene but that is highly unfactual.  Too many schools place the emphasis on sport and promote students based on titles won instead of the understanding and ability to protect oneself and their loved ones.

We started with some technical details on standing choke defense including if your back was against a wall.  Then as customary Professor opened the floor for questions.
The details shared, as is always the case, are outstanding.

If you enjoy Gracie JiuJitsu I implore you to attend a seminar with Master Sauer, he shares concepts and details that cannot be attained by book or video.  Often times it is in these little details that make or break a technique for you.

Master Sauer also discussed the importance of a cooperative and respectful training environment where ideas are shared and tested without fear of injury or ridicule.  I am proud to say this environment exists at Martin Academy, in all the Arts we teach not just  Pedro Sauer Gracie JiuJitsu.

See you on the mat.

Coach Ted

Besides being a school where students can become well rounded martial artists, we like to share our instructors or another martial artist who we feel   our students will benefit the most from. I feel very fortunate to be able to be able to share and give my students new experiences. Many schools / or school owners are unable to do that because they themselves do not continue to train and grow. Many times an instructor is afraid of their students realizing they don’t know everything. At Martin Academy if one is going down the instructor path they must continue to grow as a martial artist and as a person.  As Guro Inosanto says, ” It’s good to  be a white belt in something, it keeps you humble and helps you grow.” This is one of the things that sets Martin Academy apart from many other schools.

Here are a few thoughts from Martin Academy students on Professor Sauer seminar.

There are so many thoughts I have about the seminar lead by Professor Pedro Sauer but since you’ve asked us to keep this short, I’ll focus on this –


To quote Professor, he is a, “simple man”.  He earns a living, takes care of his family and does what he loves – train.  He is a man who has put on a gi and trained seven days a week for forty years.  A man who admits his mistakes and shares the lessons he has learned and how he has grown over the years.  He exuberantly speaks about Jiu Jitsu, frequently has a smile on his face, and laughs easily.  He is humble.  He is kind.

Watching him roll is both awe inspiring and scary as hell.  His rolling is precise and beautiful to watch.  But I would not want to be caught in guard or be under his mount.  He submits flawlessly and smoothly.   It’s as if he doesn’t even need to think about what comes next, a state I can only dream of being in.  Attending his class was incredibly motivating.  Watching him roll and listening to him speak make me want to train everyday and learn everything possible.


Professor’s seminar last weekend outside Miami was great.  While we did go over some specific moves, counters, and drills, his focus was more on technique in general.  He stressed wanting a return to effective Jiu Jitsu for self defense, not sport.  My main take-away was to work the moves over and over and play more when rolling. Great seminar and fascinating man.

Randy D


Master Sauer is truly an amazing person.  Not only in his Jiu Jitus but also the way he looks at life. Again, truly an amazing person.

Mike Paolercio


It was an amazing day of training with Professor Sauer on sat. I would like to thank Ismael Saturno and VProK MMA for welcoming us into their family. Getting the opportunity to learn from Professor was incredible. A lifetime of knowledge and only 3hrs to suck up as much possible WOW! One of the people that when you meet them you can feel the energy around them if you have ever meet anyone like that you understand what I’m talking about. I’m so grateful to Sifu Martin and Kru Ted. You both amazing teachers and after meeting Professor I see why. Sifu your school has given me the opportunity to start a lifelong journey. Master Sauer you have opened my eyes in ways that are to describe Thank you for passing on your knowledge in BJJ and life.

Jason Ramon


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Professor Pedro Sauer by Hannah Libertore

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend a brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar with Professor Pedro Sauer. It was an amazing experience in more ways than one, and helped me further my knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and knock down mental walls I had created for myself. Being an eightteen year old girl and working with men twice my size definitely threw some challenges my way, whether it be getting tossed around, being completely squashed and or shut down, or feeling confident in a move while training, and then being completely unable to pull it off once the pressure increased. Throughout the seminar Professor Sauer kept stressing the term ‘Anti Jiu Jitsu’, which he described as fighting what was happening with muscle, being tense, and shutting every option down in fear of getting tapped. Instead, you need to be loose and relaxed; not every move is going to work for everybody. He pointed at a man and myself and said, “What you do to get out of something, and what a little girl does, will be completely different. But, let me tell you, a little girl that can find the right lever and has correct structure will be your worst nightmare. BJJ isn’t perfect for one body type, but every type. It’s like a bowl of rice, you season that bowl according to the person it’s being served to.”