Essentials For Self Defense

The new class is as a result of people asking us for strictly a personal safety , street oriented, self defense class because of all the high crime / shootings that have become every day occurrences.
This class will be for any individual ( male or female) who wants to make themselves ready as much as they possibly can.
I hear all the time, how they are aware of what’s going on and look for things but in reality most are clueless and unaware. It takes training yourself to look at things differently, to make it a habit and prepare ahead of time.
This class will continually change, but areas of training will include:
Drills for training your everyday habits to include situational awareness.
Learning how you look to others and what traits robbers, rapists, predators are looking for and changing that in us.
Time and Distance = Options. If we learn to pick up on possible or potential unsafe things that may become a problem we have more options on how to handle the situation. If we are clueless and walk in to a situation that takes us too much time to understand what’s about to happen, our options are limited.

Areas of physical study will be:
Preparing ourselves for a physical confrontation.
Mentally and verbally attempting to de-escalate a situation

Body Language- what body language from others is saying, what does my body language say about me?

Responding instead of reacting.
What if I end up on the ground?
How to respond in various ways of being grabbed.
How to fall properly to minimize injury.
Tools to use if I need to physically need to fight back.
( Hands, Elbows, Knees, ) What everyday objects can I use to defend myself?       

Learning personal safety can be different in the following areas:
Home Defense,

Work Defense,


Where ever you happen to be in your everyday travels- restaurant, movie theater, Church, grocery store


Essentials For Self Defense

Call to set up an appointment now to see if this program is what you are looking for, 941-342-9944.  We hope to see you or someone you care about in the class.