Sifu Francis Fong – Wing Chun Kung Fu- Sarasota Seminar

Sifu Francis Fong at Martin Academy in 2017

Once again MAMA is proud to host Sifu Fong on April 8, 2017. Every time I train with Sifu Fong I’m amazed at the things he demonstrates and his understanding of body mechanics. In Jim Brault’s book, The Path of Master which is on Sifu Fong, he talks about body mechanics being more than what you just do with your body. “It’s what you do with your body and your mind.”  To me training my mind is much harder than training my body.  The mind can make the body do things one never thought possible.

If I acquire in my lifetime the mental development and sensitivity Sifu Fong has in his little finger I’ll leave this world a happy person.  As Sifu says, “Wing Chun is simple but not easy.” It requires patience, looking within, slowing down and exploring.

The self-discovery of  Wing Chun is not just about having someone tell you what drills to do but to slow down enough and really feel the differences in your partners. And to ask yourself, “what do they feel when they drill with me?” Many times in class or on seminar I’ve heard Sifu say, “Don’t just believe me, discover the answer yourself.” Many times students just want someone to tell them the path to go, it’s easier and you can always blame someone else if it doesn’t work out. 🙂  

Your sensitivity will increase when the drills have been done over and over to become embedded with in you. When your sensitivity increases, the path will become clearer to you and your speed will pick up. When the speed picks up your power will be explosive. The explosive power from Sifu Fong at age 69 blows my mind away every time I experience it.   Sifu / Guro Inosanto has said to me several times how Sifu Francis Fong is the more like Bruce Lee than anyone he’s seen. What a compliment!

Some of my upper students have a sentence they repeat to each other from Sifu Fong on a regular basis which is, ”you off quarter inch, you off.” Wing Chun is about being precise but not worrying about whether you’re right or wrong. The consequences of the path we chose will tell you whether you were right or wrong. The training floor is your laboratory and your fellow students are there to help you discover the path.

This seminar is for experienced martial artists and those with no experience in martial arts. You will get something out of every hour of training. Those who are grapplers will gain the sensitivity they need to understand body mechanics and movement on the ground. It’s amazing how Sifu Fong moves around on the ground, which most think is not his area of expertise.  But it will surprise you. Sifu Fong taught at Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling instructor conference in 2016. For stand up you will learn about angling, how to develop power in a shorter distance and leverage.

For those of you who are interested in Wing Chun, but were afraid or cautious about trying it out, this is the time to do so. You can check out a top of the line Wing Chun instructor by attending the seminar and see if this path of self-discovery is for you. In seminars, your first time you may feel like you’re drinking from a firehose with all the knowledge thrown at you. The pace in class is much slower and class by class the pieces of the puzzle will fit together. But just as in life there are always more puzzles we must find the pieces to.

Hope to see you at Martin Academy on April 8, 2017 for Sifu Francis Fong.

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” -Confucius