November 7, 2016

Good afternoon Steve,
I wanted to share some positive feedback and I was hoping you could pass it along to Sifu Lavonne and her coaching staff.

First let me say how appreciative I am of your onboarding process and all the communication from you that was involved.  I found your student handbook to be both comprehensive and well written, it’s a good starting point for new trainees like myself and a good point of reference.

One of things that was pretty evident from the start was level of professionalism and the fact that all of the staff at the academy represents the school and programs so well. Having come from a customer service and management background I know that having good people is critical to the success of any business. At this point I have had the pleasure of working with Coach Joshua, Coach Hanna, Coach Nancy and Coach Bruce. Each and every one of them seem to genuinely care about the programs and students and it is so refreshing to see such dedication along with such a positive attitude and approach. With that said, I would be remiss if I did not offer a special shout out to Coach Bruce. He has offered patience, praise, correction, motivation and instilled discipline at the same time. To me this is the embodiment of what coaching is and should be and I am sure the academy is lucky to have him. As a new student who is eager to learn and progress he is a great role model to emulate. If I could be half as good and as technically sound as Coach Bruce, I would be happy. He truly sets a great example.

I am not sure if this feedback is unique or how often you have new students share their thoughts but I wanted to provide my mine as a “newbie”. My experience thus far has been great and in this world where so much feedback is so negative, I wanted you all to know how well your team and program works. Great job!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the school and thank you for your help in getting me involved.

See you tonight,



The Ramos Family

Alvin Brown

Robert Schmidt


“My name is Patrick Thomas Tray and I am a Senior Chief Petty Officer with the United States Navy S.E.A.L Teams. I have over 18 years active duty service and I am currently stationed in the Washington D.C. area. I am an instructor for the Thai Boxing Association of the U.S.. The Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts, Progressive Fighting System, Inc. and Pressure Point Control Tactics. I am also a representative of the RCJ Machado Jiu-Jitsu and Combat Submission Wrestling. I am one of the leading unarmed combat and prisoner handling instructors within the S.E.A.L Team community.I have trained with several of the nation’s leading Martial Artists and unarmed combat instructors in all aspects of unarmed combat. When I was introduced to Ms. LaVonne Martin, I was astonished with her knowledge in numerous martial arts and the high level of physical fitness she maintains. I have observed and participated in numerous classes instructed by Ms. Martin. Her professionalism, knowledge, capabilities and demeanor provided an extremely productive class.I have crossed paths with numerous martial artists and physical trainers throughout my career, Ms. Martin is a top performer and uniquely talented. I highly recommend her as a physical trainer or martial arts instructor. A block of training with her would be very beneficial to anyone, regardless of his or her experience level.This is a personal endorsement and not an endorsement from the U.S. Navy.”

Patrick Thomas Tray

Chief Petty Officer

United States Navy S.E.A.LFeburary 21, 2000

“I have known Miss Lavonne Martin for a little over ten years during my training in the Martial Arts. I have had the pleasure of training with Miss Martin as a student and witnessing her skills as a Martial Artist while she was assisting legendary Martial Arts Instructor Dan Inosanto in seminars.Miss Martin is intelligent, disciplined, and highly skilled in the combative arts. She has excelled as a Martial Arts practitioner as well as a Martial Arts Instructor. Her depth of knowledge in hand-to-hand combat, hand held weapons and training methods are highly evolved and detailed and can be transferred to Law Enforcement training. Her knowledge and abilities would enhance any established defensive tactics or self-defense program. I am confident that she would develop an effective course for any Law Enforcement organization that employs her.I have been employed with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for eighteen years. I have been involved in Law enforcement training for fourteen years and been assigned full time as a staff instructor at the Jacksonville Police Academy for the past eleven years. I have implemented many tactics, techniques, and training methods taught by Miss Martin with much success.I recommend her without reservation.”

H. Lee. Peacock

Police Academy Instructor/Police OfficerJacksonville Sheriff’s Office

December 20, 2004

“It is without reservation and with great pride that I write this letter of recommendation for my student Ms. LaVonne Martin.Ms. Martin has been my student since the mid 80’s. Already an accomplished and highly skilled practitioner in traditional martial art systems, Ms. Martin approached her training with me, with an open mind and a sincere attitude to ’empty her cup’ and start as a ‘beginner’ in new and challenging systems and styles. Ms. Martin eagerly and aggressively has trained and moved up the ranks, to instructor level, in Filipino Martial Arts, the art and science of Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do and the Malaysian-Filipino-Indonesian system, Maphilindo Silat.Not only has Ms. Martin diligently trained with me, she has also trained and become an instructor in Thai boxing under Ajarn Chai Sirisute and The Thai Boxing Association U.S. A., and trained extensively with the late, Pak Herman Suwanda in Pencak Silat Mande Muda. Never content to sit back, Ms. Martin has also served as my training partner in Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Capoeria. A valuable instructor in my organization, Ms. Martin continues her training with me, as well as seeking out instruction with the worlds finest instructor’s, such as Dr. M. Gyi, head of the Bando system and Grandmasters Leo Giron and Tony Somera of the BaHala Na system of Eskrima-Arnis.If given the opportunity, man, women, or child, young or old, experienced or beginner, will all gain insight and knowledge by training with Ms. LaVonne Martin.”

Dan Inosanto

Founder/Head Instructor

Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts.

“Lavonne Martin is the most capable woman in Martial Arts that I know. She is articulate as a teacher, skilled as a martial artist, and performs with competence and authority. She is able to take complex situations and point out the core principle. Ms. Martin has a great presence and is able to deal with large and small groups equally well.Ms. Martin has a vast knowledge in unarmed self-defense, Karate, Kick Boxing, Grappling, Jiu-Jitsu, personal weapon use, and is able to adapt to the situation she is placed in.I can recommend Ms. Martin without reservation.”

Ridgley Abele

Chief Instructor – Columbia School of KaratedoChairman National Coaches Committee

USA National Karatedo Federation

“I want to thank you for your consultant training with me at our Academy.I have reviewed the instructor evaluations from the class, and your evaluations were outstanding. The Correctional Officers and Parole Agents wrote that you were an excellent control and arrest tactics instructor.Your ability to motivate the class, answer their questions, and demonstrate the physical skills provided an opportunity for the students to learn. You were also able to give the students immediate feedback to improve their skills.Once again, thank you for your consultant training.”

R. David Reider

Corrections Academy Trainer

Illinois Department Of Corrections

May 15, 1989


“LaVonne Martin is a Full Instructor for Danny Inosanto, a world famous martial arts master and certified in various disciplines. She has trained law enforcement agencies in Indiana, Georgia, and the Illinois Department of Corrections. She has also dealt with various self defense issues concerning female officers in law enforcement.Ms. Martin has literally trained hundreds of students as a lead instructor and/or assistant for Mr. Inonsanto over the last 10 years. She is a current Pressure Points Control Systems Management Systems (PPCT) Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor and is a PPCT Escape and Evasion Instructor. She was recently hired as a contract instructor for ATF’s Inspector Escape and Evasion program, which is a self defense program geared towards ATF Inspectors. Class student reviews where all outstanding and the training manager stated that not only was she one of the best received instructors he has ever worked with, but noted her professionalism, demeanor, and teaching style where above reproach.I have personally known Ms. Martin for several years. As a PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor Trainer and a Danny Inosanto trained student, I can honestly say her skill level is one of the best I have ever witnessed. Not only is she capable of teaching basic knife defense to law enforcement, she is also capable of instructing and mentoring any advanced skills class that is requested by any law enforcement agency.It goes without saying that I highly recommend Ms. Martin to any agency requesting training in her specialties.”

Steven P. Bisnette


“The instructors at Martin Academy exemplify the true spirit of Martial Arts not only in their outstanding breadth and depth of knowledge and demonstrable skills, but in their character. Each of them exhibits the kind of humility, honor and integrity that provides a sound foundation for everything else being taught. Their patience with people who may take a while to learn physical movement, such as myself, has made learning some of the best martial arts on the planet a whole lot of fun.”

Don VanderSluis

As a security consultant with corporate and government clients, I needed practical fighting and self-defense instruction tailored to the situations I would likely encounter. Sifu LaVonne Martin met all of my needs. She took the time to find out about the specific requirements of my work and developed a course of instruction just for me. Sifu Martin is a great choice for security, law enforcement, and military personnel seeking focused and practical martial arts instruction.

Alvin K. Brown

Owner, Brown Security Group, P.A.

After receiving my black belt many years ago, I decided a year ago to continue my training in martial arts. As a local business owner, I found that my free time was very limited so I decided to seek out a school where I could train with private lessons. I also wanted to work with an instructor that had advanced knowledge in several of the disciplines I was interested in.I was willing to travel substantial distances to acquire the training I was seeking, however after searching the internet and asking around, I was very happy to see that an old friend had opened a facility right here in Sarasota. Sifu Martin has been a tremendous source of knowledge and has accelerated my learning with her proven training methods. I highly recommend the Martin Academy, for their fitness and martial arts training.

Carl Castoro

Bradenton, FL

I have been training with Sifu LaVonne Martin for the past 2 years. Due to my work hours and a 90 minute commute each way from home to the academy, I can only manage to attend the Saturday class. Progress comes slowly with one hour per week on instruction. Adding a private lesson each week to follow the class was the most logical solution and has made a huge difference.The advantages to private, one to one, training are many: flexible scheduling, fine tuning of techniques from class, and a faster learning curve than is possible in a group class. Private lessons also give the student the opportunity to spend additional time on areas of special interest, in my case stick and edged weapons. Sifu LaVonne Martin is a Full Instructor in the Inosanto system, has incredible depth of knowledge in the arts and teaches with the perfect blend of skill, humor and compassion. I am proud to call her my teacher and friend.

Dr. F. Robinson

Palm Harbor, FL

It was my honor and pleasure to meet Sifu LaVonne Martin two years ago. I arrived the first time at Martin Academy with a will to learn, but no martial arts experience whatsoever. The fun, yet disciplined learning environment, in combination with Sifu Martin’s incredible depth of skill, knowledge and obvious passion for teaching has truly made training at Martin Academy one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Students of Sifu Martin have the opportunity to train in several different arts, which keeps the curriculum interesting and exciting. Aside from the excellent and varied martial arts training I have recieved, I have also learned patience, humility, discipline and I have more self confidence than ever before. I recommend Martin Academy to anyone interested in improving themselves physically and mentally.

Ford Stanton

Sarasota, FL

I want to thank you, Sifu and Kru Ted, so much for the time and effort you have invested in me. Everything I’ve taken away from the academy has been positive. I have learned new definitions of responsibility and punctualitity. Also, I have gained much needed self-discipline and a reverence for respect, honesty and the importance of communication. I simply cannot thank you both enough for giving me your time, which is really the most important thing. I left much of my heart at the academy. I miss the atmosphere and all around good cheer that made MAMA’s a place close to serenity for me. It was always a place for me to feel good and laugh. I miss that very, very much. And the people too. Working with kids was extremely rewarding. It was an eye opening and fulfilling thing for me. I’m glad I was involved. Thank you both Sifu and Kru, for selflessly giving. I see now, in a better way and I have you both to thank for it.

Noah Lamport

Asheville, NC