Training and Busy Time of Year

The past month has been busy with personal training in LA and Atlanta. In October Kru Ted and myself were  with Sifu Inosanto at the Inosanto Instructor camp. Then Martin Academy had Sifu Fong here to kick off the Wing Chun class. We were previously adding Wing Chun to the Jun Fan Gung Fu / JKD class since Wing Chun was Bruce Lee’s base.  The challenge was finding the time slot and preparation time for an individual Wing Chun class. We now are at that place and will add an extra class when attendance indicates that it’s time. I want to thank Sifu Fong for all his encouragement, patience and friendship since I met him many years ago. I look forward to my own growth by adding this class and seeing the growth and development of Wing Chun   in Martin Academy students.

Besides updating and keeping current on my own training I always enjoy seeing old friends from LA and Atlanta. Friendships developed from my time spent in LA at the Inosanto Academy and the many years of going to Atlanta  will always be cherished.




Don’t Miss The Holiday Sale on November 22 and 23rd!

WANT NEW EQUIPMENT OR NEED TO UPDATE YOUR OLD? MAMAs will have a sale next week so that Students or anyone interested in training can get a head start on their Christmas List. We will have discounts on merchandise, private lessons and designated programs. If you have any questions just call the academy and ask for Steve. If he doesn’t have the answer he can find it for you. 941-342-9944

Then on Saturday November 23rd Martin Academy Will Have a Holiday Picnic at Rothenbach Park at the End of Bee Ridge Road.

If you are a member of the academy or a former member we would love to see you. Call the academy and let us know who is coming.  The academy will furnish the chicken and we ask that you bring a dish. DJ Steve will be playing music.   Kevin Skau and Hiro from the Sheriff’s department will  doing a demonstration of how great Hiro is at catching the bad guys. I love watching that dog work!

HIro cardFrom now until the first of the year everyone is busy with Holiday preparation and activities with family and friends.  It is my wish that everyone in our martial arts family has a safe, satisfying Holiday season. Every year I’m thankful for friends,  the students at the academy,my family and the relationships and experiences we’ve all had together.  Until next time…………….