Wing Chun Instructor Conference July 2013

Just returned from a great Wing Chun camp at Sifu Francis Fongs. It’s an honor to a part of such great association. Sifu Francis takes Wing Chun and shows how the principles can be applied to other arts. The sensitivity and energy drills are great for making you stop , slow down and listen to the direction your opponent is going which will better enable you to turn that energy into an advantage for yourself.This is an art like the Kali that I can train in for years to come and continue to grow in even as I age. Challenging the mind and body as we grow older is what keeps us going, staying productive and gives one a reason to get up in the morning.

Sifu Fong and Steve Grantham

 Sometimes the younger group doesn’t understand how Wing Chun works but it adds so much to your martial arts training in terms of sensitivity and responding instead of reacting to what takes place. Wonder if that could be applied to everyday life as well……………

 If I can develop the sensitivity that Sifu Fong has in his little finger I’ll be happy. Sifu Dan Inosanto has complemented Sifu Fong many times in regards to how smooth he is, and that his speed is very close to Sigung Bruce Lee.

Learning to take the road that’s open and available to us instead of forcing the path is one thing Wing Chun helps the student to understand. “ To be like water.” Again, wonder if that could be applied to everyday life……. One reason many find it difficult to stay on the path of Wing Chun is that it takes slowing down and relaxing instead of going in like a bull in Glass shop and wrecking everything. Your opponent and the energy will tell you which direction to go if you’ll stick to the principles, and listen and feel what’s going on. I use the analogy with the students of not listening to your spouse when they tell you something. They are trying to get a point across to you but you’re not connecting with it. We all can relate to that…..There’s a time and place for hard and soft but having the wisdom and knowing  when to use the hard and soft takes time. It’s not an overnight process. It’s also consistency and not how long. Many train for 20 years but it’s broken up into segments of training for 2 off for 3, back on for a few months then off for a year. To be good at anything or get anyplace it’s consistency that will get you there.  Years ago I   call myself, “ the Turtle.”  I even had a friend who bought me ear rings with turtle on them! I may not be on the fast track but I’m on the path and I stay on the path. That’s why Martin Academy has so many disciplines that we are able to present to our students and are affiliated with reputable associations like the Francis Fong Instructor Association. FFIA

 Get on the path to personal improvement. Call Martin Academy now for times of the  Sarasota Wing Chun Kung Fu  class. It’s an art for young and old, experienced martial artist or no experience. Sifu Fong will be at Martin Academy  for a one day workshop on November 2, 2013. Come be inspired and watch the magic……….

Wing Chun Instructor Conference                                   Wing Chun Instructor Conference