Wing Chun – Subtle and Explosive Movement

I’m reading the book by Robert Ringer called ACTION, Nothing Happens Until Something Moves.  There’s on section I’m taking out of the book for you think about. I hear at least once a week from someone who comes into the academy about how they’ve always wanted to train but never got around to actually doing so. Or they trained years ago and wanted to get back to training but it took them 2 years to get as far as walking in the door. All of us from time to time procrastinate things or put off doing something because we are uncertain of the outcome or just plan don’t go and do it.  Our inability to take action is still making a decision. In the book Robert Ringer states, “Think of action as an opportunity to make mistakes, mistakes that give you a front-row seat in the Theater of Learning.” Carlos Castaneda explained it succinctly when he said, “A Warrior lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting.”

In Wing Chun there is always movement but it’s subtle until it explodes. Sifu Fong has a way of making the movement in what he does, whether it’s trapping, punching or grappling, so smooth and effortless. I think that nothing is going on then all of a sudden fireworks are  happening! But I’m still taking action even if it’s slow and a turtles pace. I’m moving forward in my training and it doesn’t have to be a that explosive pounding pace on a constant basis. Through forms, the wooden dummy and two man drills students learn sensitivity and leverage learning the apply the Wing Chun principles.

It’s less than  month and Sifu Fong will be at Martin Academy for the Wing Chun seminar. Wing Chun is simple to learn but not easy. The student’s mind must really be engaged on sensitivity and learning to understand what a particular sense of touch is telling them. It also requires that the student quiet the mind which for many is difficult. The reward for this type of training is  will give the student attributes which will aid them in their training of other arts and life in general. Brazilian Jiu JItsu also has sensitivity training to sense when their opponent is shifting their weight and leaving the door open in another direction. I’ve always said, “ if I can get the amount of sensitivity Sifu Fong has in his little finger, I’ll be happy.”

For those of you who want to get started in something new or who have been wanting to get back into training Martin Academy can help you get going at your pace. We fit the system to you. Wing Chun is a great discipline for the young or for the student who is a bit more advanced in years. Martin Academy will have a Wing Chun class on Wednesday nights. Call the academy for more information.

There’s a sneak peek of Sifu Fong in a video on our home page of He gives dynamic seminars and you will always leave with new ideas in training Wing Chun or other arts you are currently training in.

Don’t Miss The November 2, Seminar in Wing Chun Kung Fu in Sarasota.

Sifu Fong