Women’s Self Defense Sarasota

Martin Academy will be conducting a Women’s Personal Safety Course starting Friday January 31st to Friday February 28th. Every Friday for one hour- 5:30 to 6:30. Just because you have taken a course before doesn’t mean you will perform when necessary, it takes repetition to make a response automatic. Many times people, men or women, freeze when they should be doing something and can’t move. Just getting yourself to do something, ANYTHING, is better than watching them start their abuse on you. I once heard a women make the statement that “I’ll just jump in my car and call ON STAR.”  Making a statement like that only shows how clueless you are about what it takes to be in charge of  your own safety.  Another comment I’ve heard is that it’s not “feminine “. Well neither is being punched in the face and raped, but it happens. Taking a course does not guarantee that you will never be raped but it DOES give you more of an advantage than someone who does not teach themselves to respond in the best manner possible. Sarasota Self Defense at Martin Academy will include several different types of disciplines to help the women become aware of the various tools that can be used.

While this is a serious subject it’s also a time to have fun, get a workout and educate ourselves. This is a basic course that will help you be informed, be aware, and maintain that vigilance about not only your safety but those you love. Call the academy now,  941-342-9944 to get your name on the list. It’s only $85.00 for 6 hours, a deposit is required to save your place.

January 2014 WSD Flyer