How does Laura Vanderkam’s book, What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast relate to marital arts?

I know getting up early does make me feel better but it’s not easy getting to the place that it is easy. And like other things it has to become a habit. Until I got older I was a night person and liked to sleep late. That changed with kids, work and back to getting things done. Now I like getting up, starting the day with something positive.
It’s one thing to get up but then to function is sometimes something else again. Some people get up to just meditate or read a book or just have a few moments alone before the chaos of the day. There were a few people, referenced in the book, who felt they never had time with their kids because they worked late. So they made mornings a special, priority time to share with kids instead of the frenzy of everyone screaming to hurry up, rush because you’re going to be late. I personally hate it when I start the day like that. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. This also works great for people who want to work out but can’t seem to find the time for it. Either work out early in the morning or get those things done early in the morning so after work then the hour or so you want to give to yourself working out gets done. Maybe just start by getting up 15 minutes earlier , not an hour or two. Increase that with time.
For the first 20 days or so it takes willpower to get up and get going. After that research has shown that it then becomes habit which at that point we will do without thinking about it. For successful people these are no longer choices but habit. Laura Vanderkam references Roy F. Baumeister a professor at pshychology at FSU who has spent his career studying the topic of self-discipline. In Vanderkam’s book Baumeister says,” Getting things down to routines and habits takes willpower at first but in the long run conserves willpower.” Once things become a habit they will operate automatically. I like automatic, I’m a big creature of habit. Most of us by an early age develop the habit of brushing our teeth. She made reference to the fact that we don’t have an argument with ourselves on whether we want to brush our teeth and how it feels. Those that don’t develop the habit don’t have any teeth later in life, that’s your choice.
I will end this with one last paragraph from the book,” Successful people turn high value tasks into morning rituals, conserving their energy for later battles – those annoying colleagues, traffic, and other willpower sappers that make you want to drink a Mason jar full of wine in the evening rather than hit the gym.” Or the martial arts class that not only gives you exercise but teaches you a skill at the same time. Olympic athletes, successful business people, successful fighters or those who just want to improve themselves have developed certain rituals that help them to get up and get going. Trained military / police dogs have done the same, they just have had humans develop the ritual for them. Want to be a better person, who constantly looks for ways to improve yourself, get in better shape and learn something at the same time, come join or check out Martin Academy. We won’t make you get up early to be a member but we will change you………………….

As Tut would say,”thoughts become things, choose the good ones.”

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